An OVH server tracker for Kimsufi, maybe So You Start. Many communication channel
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An OVH server tracker for Kimsufi and So You Start.


The objective is to send notifications when the Kimsufi server you want is available in the zone(s) desired. There is many type of notification listed here : Actualy only email, xmpp are supported here. Easy to integrate other (see src/ Discord and Matrix are planned.

This project is inspired by Pofilo.


References and zones

In config/, you can find the list of references Zone are fra, gra, rbx, sbg for Kimsufi


  • git clone
  • cd /OVH-server-tracker
  • Create virtual environment: python3 -m venv .
  • Source it: source bin/activate
  • Install dependencies: pip install -r requirements.txt
  • cp config/kimsufi.sample.yml config/kimsufi.yml
  • Edit config/kimsufi.yml
  • python3