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A bash script who send newsletters


Ghost can't send newsletter with another way than Mailgun. So, I wrote this script (improveable) for sending newsletters.


  • mutt
  • curl

Prepare mutt

Create ~/.muttrc and add under into this file

set my_pass='S3Cr3t'
set my_user=''
set realname = ''
set from = ''
set use_from = yes

set smtp_url=smtps://$my_user:$
set ssl_force_tls = yes
set ssl_starttls = yes

How to work

First time, copy .env.sample to .env and complete this file.

Get id of post (admin>post>mypost in url the last value (like 5b7522322114)). Then, write in a terminal : ./ postid where postid is the value get before.

This script send with mutt, one by one, with 30 secondes to slip (to esquivate rate limit).