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What is this?

Isso is a commenting server similar to Disqus. More info on the official website.


  • Based on Alpine Linux 3.3.
  • Latest Isso installed with pip.

Build-time variables

  • ISSO_VER : version of Isso.

Environment variables

  • GID : isso group id (default : 991)
  • UID : isso user id (default : 991)


  • /config : location of configuration files.
  • /db : location of SQLite database.


Example of simple configuration

Here is the full documentation :

# /mnt/docker/isso/config/isso.conf
dbpath = /db/comments.db
host =
listen =

# docker-compose.yml
  image: wonderfall/isso
    - GID=1000
    - UID=1000
    - /mnt/docker/isso/config:/config
    - /mnt/docker/isso/db:/db