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What is this? What features?

  • A simple Ghost CMS build made for production.
  • Based on Alpine Linux so it's lightweight!
  • Bundled with latest node.js available (version check is disabled).
  • Offers Isso integration.

Build-time variables

  • VERSION : version of Ghost.

Environment variables

  • GID : ghost user id (default : 991)
  • UID : ghost group id (default : 991)
  • ADDRESS : your domain (with http(s)://) (default :
  • ENABLE_ISSO : enables Isso support if set to True (default : False)
  • ISSO_HOST, ISSO_AVATAR, ISSO_VOTE : Isso settings (True or False)


  • /ghost/content : contents of your blog


How to configure?

Everything you need is in /ghost/content/ghost.conf (also mounted on your host...).

docker-compose.yml sample

  image: dryusdan/ghost
  container_name: ghost-myblog
    - UID=8100
    - GID=8100
    - ADDRESS=
    - /mnt/docker/myblog:/ghost/content