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1801sk12: KS-1
1801sk13: KS-2
1801sk14: KS-3
1801sk15: KS-4
1801sk16: KS-5
1801sk17: KS-6
1801sk18: KS-7
1801sk19: KS-8
1801sk20: KS-9
1801sk21: KS-10
1801sk22: KS-11
1801sk23: KS-12
1801sys45: SYS-E3-SAT-1-16
1801sys47: SYS-E3-SSD-1-32
1801sys48: SYS-E3-SAT-1-32
1801sys49: SYS-E3-SSD-2-32
1801sys50: SYS-E3-SAT-2-32
1801sys53: SYS-E5-SAT-1-64
1801sys54: SYS-E5-SSD-1-64
1801sys55: SYS-E5-SSD-2-64
1801sys56: SYS-E5-SAT-2-64
1807sys62: SYS-XEON-SAT-1-32
2001sys24: SYS-XEON-SATA-2-64
2004sys23: SYS-XEON-NVME-2-64